Radiation: Fundamentals, Applications, Risks and Safety • From My Vast Repertoire …  Guido Altarelli’s Legacy • Signatures of the Artist

Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics • Rutherford • Quàntica

The Soviet Atomic Project: How the Soviet Union Obtained the Atomic Bomb • Advances in Particle Therapy: A multidisciplinary approach • Mad maths • The Life, Science and Times of Lev Vasilevich Shubnikov, Pioneer of Soviet Cryogenics • The Workshop and the World, what ten thinkers can teach us about science and authority

Lost in Math – How beauty leads physics astray • Amaldi’s last letter to Fermi: a monologue • Topological and Non-Topological Solitons in Scalar Field Theories • Universal Themes of Bose–Einstein Condensation • Zeros of Polynomials and Solvable Nonlinear Evolution Equations



The Pope of Physics: Enrico Fermi and the Birth of the Atomic Age By Gino Segrè and Bettina Hoerlin Henry Holton and Co. Enrico Fermi can be considered as one of the greatest physicists of […]

Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation • The Great Silence – The Science and Philosophy of Fermi’s Paradoxs • Foundations of High-Energy-Density Physics: Physical Processes of Matter at Extreme Conditions • Quantized Detector Networks: The Theory of Observation

From Stars to States: A Manifest for Science in Society • Third Thoughts • Essential Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineers • Picturing Quantum Processes: A First Course in Quantum Theory and Diagrammatic Reasoning • Nanoelectronics: Materials, Devices, Applications (2 volumes)

From Photon to Neuron: Light, Imaging, Vision • Quantum Field Theory Approach to Condensed Matter Physics • Applied Computational Physics • Classical Field Theory


Welcome to the Universe • What goes up… Gravity and Scientific Method • Gravitational Lensing • Quantum Fields: From the Hubble to the Planck Scale • The Cosmological Singularity

The Cosmic Web • Calorimetry: Energy Measurement in Particle Physics (2nd edition) • In Praise of Simple Physics: The Science and Mathematics behind Everyday Questions • The Black Book of Quantum Chromodynamics: A Primer for the LHC Era • What is Quantum Information?

The Standard Model in a Nutshell • Technology Meets Research: 60 Years of CERN Technology, Selected Highlights • A Primer on String Theory • A Student’s Guide to Dimensional Analysis

Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe • Ripples in spacetime • Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook • Introduction to Accelerator Dynamics • Data Analysis Techniques for Physical Scientists

Relativity Matters: From Einstein’s EMC2 to Laser Particle Acceleration and Quark-Gluon Plasma By Johann Rafelski Springer Also available at the CERN bookshop This monograph on special relativity (SR) is presented in a form accessible to […]

I am the Smartest Man I Know: A Nobel Laureate’s Difficult Journey By Ivar Giaever World Scientific Giaever At the end of his last semester studying mechanical engineering at the Norwegian Institute of Technology, Ivar Giaever […]

The Lazy Universe: An Introduction to the Principle of Least Action By Jennifer Coopersmith  Oxford University Press Coopersmith With contagious enthusiasm and a sense of humour unusual in this kind of literature, this book by Jennifer […]

• Radioactivity and Radiation: What They Are, What They Do, and How to Harness Them • ITER Physics • Books received

• Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab • Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Unification • Books received

• Trick or Truth? The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics • Raw Data: A Novel on Life in Science • Books received

• Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics • Bose–Einstein Condensation and Superfluidity • Books received

• Challenges and Goals for Accelerators in the XXI Century • Big Data: Storage, Sharing, and Security • Books received

• Infinitesimal: How a Dangerous Mathematical Theory Shaped the Modern World • The Many Faces of Maxwell, Dirac and Einstein Equations: A Clifford Bundle Approach (2nd edition) • Books received

• Particle Physics in the LHC Era • Tutorials in Radiotherapy Physics: Advanced Topics with Problems and Solutions • Books received

• Electron Lenses for Super-Colliders • Nanoscale Silicon Devices • Who Cares About Particle Physics? Making Sense of the Higgs Boson, the Large Hadron Collider and CERN • Books received

• Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Fields • Learning Scientific Programming With Python • Books received

• Half Life: The Divided Life of Bruno Pontecorvo, Physicist or Spy
• Inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider: From the Proton to the Higgs Boson
• Books received

• Experimental Studies of Neutrino Oscillations • Neutrino Oscillations: A Practical Guide to Basics and Applications • PWA90: A Lifetime Of Emergence • Books received

• Tunnel Visions • Statistical Methods for Data Analysis in Particle Physics • Path Integrals for Pedestrians • Books received

• Melting Hadrons, Boiling Quarks: From Hagedorn Temperature to Ultra-Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions at CERN. With a Tribute to Rolf Hagedorn • Unifying Physics of Accelerators, Lasers and Plasmas • Books received