Hirosi Ooguri is the new director of Kavli IPMU • Petroff nominated director of Brazilian light source • APS announces 2019 prize and award winners • ATLAS recognises outstanding members • CERN commemorates history of Berlin building • First telescope on Cherenkov array site • Theory event fuses physics and gender • Muon g-2 fans gather in Novosibirsk • Tau physics focus in Amsterdam • Exploring quantum computing for high-energy physicste • Halfway to high luminosity

Leon Lederman 1922–2018 • Paul Kunz 1942–2018 • Karlheinz Meier 1955–2018 • Ferenc Niedermayer 1945–2018

Burton Richter 1931–2018 • Georges Dôme 1928–2018 • Hans Paar 1944–2018

Bassler to be next president of CERN Council • Zanderighi joins Max Planck Institute for Physics as director • Martínez García to lead SUBATECH laboratory • Bell Burnell to donate $3m Breakthrough Prize • Prange award goes to Juan Maldacena • Global Neutrino Network dissertation prize announced • Architecture prize for former artists in residence • New entrance welcomes the world to CERN • Particle physics meets astrophysics and gravity • ROOT’s renovation takes centre stage at Sarajevo meeting

New director for particle physics at RAL • Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel award for Higgs phenomenology • NSREC accolade for radiation paper • Swiss Physical Society presents annual awards • Particle interactions up to the highest energies • Higgs hunters meet up in Orsay and Paris • Göttingen hosts HASCO summer school • Research infrastructures event brings particle physics into focus • CERN is guest of honour at Swiss National Day • Packed house for CHEP public event

Joachim Kupsch 1939–2018 • Bert Diddens 1928–2018 • Francis Farley 1920–2018

IOP award winners for 2018 announced • Markov prize for Boos and Gorbunov • Young scientists Trnka and Gray win awards • Two researchers awarded CMS thesis honour • Filipino and Indian students win BL4S competition • Larry Gladney named dean of diversity at Yale • Science for development in Vietnam • Weighing options for better ion-therapy systems • SHiP collaboration meets in Russia • HEPTech exposes young researchers to the business world • CERN openlab goes to Europe’s premier computing event • PhD training programme for southeastern European students

Committee to find next ERC president • Hamburg Prize for Theoretical Physics goes to Ooguri • James Pinfold wins a Killam Prize • Hannah Petersen awarded Zimányi Medal • Guido Altarelli Award goes to Gao and Hen • High-energy physicists elected to Royal Society • Laureates mark Standard Model anniversary • Neutrino physics shines bright in Heidelberg • LHCP reports from Bologna • Heavy-flavour highlights from Beauty 2018 • Loops and legs in quantum field theory • KEK hosts hadron-therapy symposium

Your article “ Tales of TRIUMF ” (CERN Courier May 2018 p31), mentions, in paragraph 19, “…the shutdown of the Chalk River reactor facility.” The National Research Universal (NRU) reactor was indeed shutdown for the last time on […]

Tanaka to head SLAC neutrino group  • SESAME appoints technical director  • Four winners of 2018 Edison Volta Prize  • Accelerator awards presented at IPAC  • Panjab University honours Virdee  • Kaplan wins for Particle Fever  • Brazil signs up to IPPOG collaboration  • CERN: Science Bridging Cultures  • ALICE marks quarter century  • Accelerator aficionados meet in Vancouver  • The history and future of the PHYSTAT series  • Antimatter research leaps ahead  • FCC presents at tunnel congress

The feature “Putting the Pauli exclusion principle on trial” (CERN Courier March 2018 p35) was extremely interesting, describing highly accurate experiments that have put severe limits on the possible violation of the Pauli principle. Testing […]

Enzo Bertolini 1932–2017 •  Ferdinand Hahn 1959–2018 •  Vincenzo Palmieri 1962–2018 •  Richard Taylor 1929–2018

New leader at Fermilab’s next accelerator  • Change of chairs for antimatter community  • Pontecorvo award
to Fogli and Lisi  • Gold medal for extreme nuclei  • Winners of the 2018 Collide awards revealed  • Defining technology for tomorrow’s experiments  • Standard Model gets annual check up at Moriond  • Industry rises to FCC conductor challenge  • Training tomorrow’s accelerator scientists  • L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science  • Visits

Jon Peter Berge 1935–2017 •  Daniel Boussard 1937–2018 •  Violette Brisson 1934–2018

Brookhaven role to focus on technology transfer  • DUNE elects co-spokesperson • Carlin takes the helm at CMS experiment • Alfvén Prize for cosmic acceleration • Five young researchers win ATLAS thesis prize • Big science meets industry in Copenhagen  • Nanotechnology: from materials to science • Beauty workshop highlights CERN–China links • Training young researchers in South-East Europe  • Visits

• Aharon Casher 1941–2018 • Adalberto Giazotto 1940–2017 • Sandibek Nurushev 1932–2018

New director for Los Alamos •  DPG elects next president •  Change of spokespersons at Pierre Auger •  Mark Thomson set to head up UK research council •  Sackler Prize for work on quantum field theory •  Emmy Noether distinction •  Event breathes new life into CERN history •  Winners of Buchalter Prize announced •  Creating a shared future in a fractured world •  Human interactions leave indelible tracks at CERN •  Physics fest for a future circular collider •  Project to assess impact of research infrastructures  • CLIC workshop focuses on strategy  • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory turns 60 • Visits

• John D’Auria 1939–2017 •  Raoul Gatto 1930–2017 •  Ernst Heer 1928–2017 •  Frank Paige 1944–2017

• ECFA elects new chairperson • Change of director at US accelerator school • WMAP scientists awarded 2018 Breakthrough Prize • Weizmann Institute honours Jenni • Dublin City University acclaim for Myers • Schukraft receives Niels Bohr Institute’s Honorary Medal • 25 years of the LHC experimental programme • Inauguration ceremony promotes Hyper-Kamiokande project • Dark-matter and cosmic-ray celebrations • Japan science festival looks beyond the boundaries •&nbsp Fun at the fair • Berkeley physicists march in Pride Parade • Weighing up the LHC’s future • Sizing up physics beyond colliders • CERN and Member States talk med-tech • Top physics focus in Portugal • CERN presents high readiness-level technologies in Atlanta • Implications of LHCb results brought into focus • Electromagnetic interactions with nucleons • Particle physics meets quantum optics •  Visits

• Lev Lipatov 1940–2017 • John Smith 1938–2017 • Maria Krawczyk 1946–2017

• ISOLDE then and now • Neutrinos and the Standard Model • Dick Garwin and g-2

• KEK and Fermilab directors reappointed • APS announces 2018 prizes and awards • Wang, Kim and Nishikawa awarded Pontecorvo Prize • ISOLDE marks 50 years of physics with exotic nuclei • Diamond anniversay • Crete workshop takes stock of hadron therapy • Madagascar physics in focus • Precision electroweak discussions in Orsay • CAS course in advance accelerator physics • Exploring the physics case for a very-high-energy electron–proton collider Visits

• Henri Desportes 1933–2017 • Patrick Fleury 1935–2017 • Sergei Matinyan 1931–2017 • Gary Steigman 1941–2017

• CERN Council elects European-strategy secretary • Nobel recognition for discovery of gravitational waves • IEEE applied-superconductivity award • DOE names top 40 breakthroughs • First users at European XFEL • Sibling celebrations at the LHC • The Higgs boson in our lives • CERN School of Computing marks 40th edition • Strong discussions in Montpellier • Baikal school stays vibrant • Visits

• Dmitry Bardin 1945–2017 • Wiesław Czyż 1927–2017 • Alper Garren 1925–2017 • Maryam Mirzakhani 1977–2017

• New spokesperson for GERDA • Brookhaven light source passes two years of user operations • Physics at the festival frontier • Eclipse captures world’s attention • Accelerating science in Turkey • Strangeness in quark matter • Rethinking dark matter in Vietnam • Swiss and Austrian physical societies meet at CERN • Updates from the Higgs sector • HASCO school reports from Göttingen • Visits

• Bjørn Jacobsen 1961–2017 • Guido Petrucci 1926–2017 • Peter Sonderegger 1935–2017