The second data release of the Gaia collaboration on 25 April resulted in this extremely detailed image of the sky, which contains nearly 1.7 billion stars. The data comprise information on the position of these stars […]

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The recent demonstration of muon ionisation-cooling by the MICE collaboration opens a path to a neutrino factory and muon collider.

The Yandex machine-learning school for high-energy physics is teaming up with experiments at CERN and beyond to train young researchers in the arts of deep learning.

Data from the ATLAS experiment is a key element in HALO, an important new commission undertaken for Art Basel, the world’s premier fair for contemporary art. It’s the latest exciting outcome of Arts at CERN, which has become a major player in the world where art and science meet.

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Your article “ Tales of TRIUMF ” (CERN Courier May 2018 p31), mentions, in paragraph 19, “…the shutdown of the Chalk River reactor facility.” The National Research Universal (NRU) reactor was indeed shutdown for the last time on […]

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Extended collaboration with Soviet scientists On 10 July a Protocol was signed by Director General W K Jentschke, representing CERN, and Deputy Chairman I G Morozov, representing the USSR State Committee for the Utilization of […]