It is 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee, while working at CERN, released his proposal for a new information-management system. Two years and a lot of coding later, this vision of universal connectivity had become the […]

Physics is fun  At the February Meeting of the American Physical Society, some of our colleagues put on a cabaret called “The Physical Revue”. Master of Ceremonies was Marvin Goldberger from Princeton, whose wife Mildred […]

The Soviet Atomic Project: How the Soviet Union Obtained the Atomic Bomb • Advances in Particle Therapy: A multidisciplinary approach • Mad maths • The Life, Science and Times of Lev Vasilevich Shubnikov, Pioneer of Soviet Cryogenics • The Workshop and the World, what ten thinkers can teach us about science and authority

Yong Ho Chin 1958–2019 • Albert Hofmann 1933–2018 • Vladimir Rittenberg 1934–2018 • Pio Picchi 1942–2019

New DESY director for astroparticle physics Effective from 1 January, Christian Stegmann has been appointed the first director in charge of astroparticle physics at DESY in Germany – a new role designed to strengthen astroparticle […]

The study of the production of quarkonia, the bound states of heavy quark–antiquark pairs, is an important goal of the ALICE physics programme. The quarkonium yield is suppressed in heavy-ion collisions when compared with proton–proton […]

The well-established governance, licensing and collaborative mechanisms of open-source software set a standard for open-science movements.

The fundamental structure of nucleons is described by the properties and dynamics of their constituent quarks and gluons, as described by QCD. The gluon’s self-interaction complicates this picture considerably. Non-linear recombination reactions, where two gluons […]

The Standard Model (SM) allows neutral flavoured mesons such as the D0 to oscillate into their antiparticles. Having first observed this process in 2012, the LHCb collaboration has recently made some of the world’s most […]

Precision measurements of diboson processes at the LHC are powerful probes of the gauge structure of the Standard Model at the multi-TeV energy scale. Among the most interesting directions in the diboson physics programme is […]

On 16 June 2018, a bright burst of light was observed by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) telescope in Hawaii, which automatically searches for optical transient events. The event, which received the automated […]

NOvA joins supernova watch The NOvA experiment in the US, designed to study neutrino oscillations in a beam produced at Fermilab, has joined the Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS). SNEWS is a global network of […]

The High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), scheduled to operate from 2026, will increase the instantaneous luminosity of the LHC by at least a factor of five beyond its initial design luminosity. The analysis of a fraction of […]

On 18 February the CMS and MoEDAL collaborations at CERN signed an agreement that will see a 6 m-long section of the CMS beam pipe cut into pieces and fed into a SQUID in the name […]

We have conquered the easiest challenges in fundamental physics, says Nima Arkani-Hamed. The case for building the next major collider is now more compelling than ever.

Newly published results from the MINOS+ experiment at Fermilab in the US cast fresh doubts on the existence of the sterile neutrino – a hypothetical fourth neutrino flavour that would constitute physics beyond the Standard […]

Ideas from supersymmetry have been used to address a longstanding challenge in optics – how to suppress unwanted spatial modes that limit the beam quality of high-power lasers. Mercedeh Khajavikhan at the University of Central […]

It is 20 years since the discovery that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, yet physicists still know precious little about the underlying cause. In a classical universe with no quantum effects, the cosmic […]

DESY chooses a new director Wim Leemans of Berkeley Lab in the US has been appointed director of DESY’s accelerator division, effective from 1 February. A prominent leader in the development of plasma accelerators, Leemans was […]