The Pope of Physics: Enrico Fermi and the Birth of the Atomic Age By Gino Segrè and Bettina Hoerlin Henry Holton and Co. Enrico Fermi can be considered as one of the greatest physicists of […]

“I think the Courier is excellent; it’s sort of ‘frozen in time’, but in a rather appropriate and appealing way.” Of all the lively comments received from the 1400 or so readers who took part […]

Measurements of b-hadron decays with neutrinos in the final state are one of the best ways to understand how quarks decay, and in particular how they couple to leptons. With recent results from LHCb, BaBar […]

Two new experiments at CERN, ALPHA-g and GBAR, have begun campaigns to check whether antimatter falls under gravity at the same rate as matter. The gravitational behaviour of antimatter has never been directly probed, though […]

Honouring Hans Bethe Physicists and friends from all over the USA assembled at Cornell University on 24 October to honour Hans Bethe on his retirement. Bethe has made important contributions to the fields of atomic, solid […]

Recent results from the LHCb and other experiments appear to challenge the assumption of lepton-flavour universality. To explore further, the CMS collaboration has recently conducted a new search probing one of the theories that attempts […]

Hirosi Ooguri is the new director of Kavli IPMU • Petroff nominated director of Brazilian light source • APS announces 2019 prize and award winners • ATLAS recognises outstanding members • CERN commemorates history of Berlin building • First telescope on Cherenkov array site • Theory event fuses physics and gender • Muon g-2 fans gather in Novosibirsk • Tau physics focus in Amsterdam • Exploring quantum computing for high-energy physicste • Halfway to high luminosity

Many of the stars appearing in the night sky did not originate from within our galaxy, concludes a new study of data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia observatory. Instead, Gaia has found evidence that […]

The first measurement of Λc+-baryon production in lead–lead (Pb–Pb) collisions at an energy of 5.02 TeV per colliding nucleon pair was presented by the ALICE collaboration at the International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of […]

High-luminosity collisions of electrons and positrons at the KEKB accelerator in Japan have established the existence of a new baryon with strangeness S = –2, shedding light on the structure of doubly-strange hyperon resonances. In a preprint […]

Leon Lederman 1922–2018 • Paul Kunz 1942–2018 • Karlheinz Meier 1955–2018 • Ferenc Niedermayer 1945–2018

This single image captures three objects with very different lifetimes. The bright yellow line is the result of a meteor that disintegrated in Earth’s atmosphere and was visible for less than a second (CERN Courier […]

The exploration of W- and Z-boson interactions at the energy frontier probes the heart of the Brout–Englert–Higgs mechanism. The cross-section of longitudinal weak-boson scattering would diverge, resulting in meaningless values, were it not for the […]

An international team has made an advance towards more compact particle accelerators, demonstrating that beams can be focused via a technique called active plasma lensing without reducing the beam quality. Building smaller particle accelerators has […]

The Large Hadron Collider’s 2018 proton physics run came to an end on 24 October, having accumulated an impressive dataset. The integrated luminosity delivered to both the ATLAS and CMS experiments reached an average of around […]

Two independent groups are going to Earth’s extremes to make unprecedented measurements for physics, education and the environment.

The Standard Model (SM) is a triumph of modern physics, with unprecedented success in explaining the subatomic world. The Higgs boson, discovered in 2012, was the capstone of this amazing theory, yet this newly known […]

It is well known that the top quark, the heaviest known elementary particle, plays an important role in electroweak-symmetry breaking, and is also one of the most promising particles to be investigated in the search […]

Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation • The Great Silence – The Science and Philosophy of Fermi’s Paradoxs • Foundations of High-Energy-Density Physics: Physical Processes of Matter at Extreme Conditions • Quantized Detector Networks: The Theory of Observation

Storing data on videotape One of the problems in high-energy physics experiments is the handling and storage of large volumes of data. It is not unusual for an experiment to need a thousand magnetic tapes. […]

This slightly blurry distorted image of a rocky surface is more interesting than it might first appear. The small instrument responsible for the picture is the first of several robot “hoppers” to be deployed to […]

CHARM, a unique facility at CERN to test electronics in complex radiation environments, has been used to test its first full space system: a micro-satellite called CELESTA, developed by CERN in collaboration with the University […]

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was shared between three researchers for groundbreaking inventions in laser physics. Half the prize went to Arthur Ashkin of Bell Laboratories in the US for his work on optical […]