Appointments and awards

New head for Oak Ridge physics • EPS prizes galore • Gomis wins Canadian award • Innovative spirit recognised

New head for Oak Ridge physics

Marcel Demarteau

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has named Marcel Demarteau as director of its physics division. Demarteau was previously at Argonne National Laboratory, where he directed the high-energy physics division with a programme ranging from studies at the LHC to investigations using the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica. He was previously at Fermilab for nearly 20 years, where he conducted detector R&D and served in leadership roles for the Dø experiment and worked on the CMS experiment at the LHC. Demarteau succeeds David Dean.

EPS prizes galore

Douglas Stanford

The European Physical Society (EPS) has awarded the CDF and Dø collaborations at Fermilab with the 2019 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize for the discovery of the top quark and the detailed measurement of its properties. The EPS awards the prize every two years for an outstanding contribution in an experimental, theoretical or technological area.

Lesya Shchutska

The 2019 Giuseppe and Vanna Cocconi Prize for an outstanding contribution to particle astrophysics and cosmology went to the WMAP and Planck collaborations for their high-precision measurements of the cosmic microwave background temperature and polarisation anisotropies.

Rob Appleby

The Gribov Medal for outstanding work by a young researcher in theoretical particle physics was awarded to Douglas Stanford of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton “for his pioneering work on quantum chaos and its relation to the near-horizon dynamics of black holes”.

Chris Edmonds

The Young Experimental Physicist Prize for outstanding work of early-career researchers was awarded to Josh Bendavid of CERN “for outstanding and innovative contributions to detector operations, software development, data analysis and detector upgrades of the CMS experiment” and Lesya Shchutska of EPFL Lausanne “for outstanding contributions to experimental activities in particle physics, from the design and simulation of novel experiments, test-beam operations and analyses, to data analyses and their final theoretical interpretations”.

Finally, the 2019 EPS HEP Outreach Prize was awarded to Rob Appleby of the University of Manchester, Chris Edmonds of the University of Liverpool and Robyn Watson of Bolton Sensory Support Service for their project “Tactile Collider”, which brings particle physics to blind and visually impaired schoolchildren through touch and sound. The project has run at many sites across the UK and will be visiting CERN in the autumn of 2019.

Gomis wins Canadian award

Jaume Gomis

Jaume Gomis of the Perimeter Institute in Canada has been awarded this year’s Prize for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics by the Canadian Association of Physicists and the Centre de recherches mathématiques. The prize recognizes Gomis “for his broad range of important contributions to string theory and strongly coupled gauge theories, including the pioneering use of non-local observables, the exact computation of physical quantities in quantum field theory, and the unravelling of the non-perturbative dynamics of gauge theories.”

Innovative spirit recognised

Rui de Oliveira

The inaugural Oed prize, established by the Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble, has been awarded to Rui de Oliveira of CERN for his major contribution in the development of micro-pattern gas detectors. The prize aims to promote an innovative spirit and the ability to solve technical challenges, which were at the origin of the micro-strip gas chamber invented by Anton Oed in the late 1980s (see Obituaries).