Physics is fun  At the February Meeting of the American Physical Society, some of our colleagues put on a cabaret called “The Physical Revue”. Master of Ceremonies was Marvin Goldberger from Princeton, whose wife Mildred […]

The Soviet Atomic Project: How the Soviet Union Obtained the Atomic Bomb • Advances in Particle Therapy: A multidisciplinary approach • Mad maths • The Life, Science and Times of Lev Vasilevich Shubnikov, Pioneer of Soviet Cryogenics • The Workshop and the World, what ten thinkers can teach us about science and authority

Yong Ho Chin 1958–2019 • Albert Hofmann 1933–2018 • Vladimir Rittenberg 1934–2018 • Pio Picchi 1942–2019

New DESY director for astroparticle physics • Denisov joins Brookhaven Lab • Mariotti wins Emmy Noether award • SESAME pioneers bag AAAS award

The study of the production of quarkonia, the bound states of heavy quark–antiquark pairs, is an important goal of the ALICE physics programme. The quarkonium yield is suppressed in heavy-ion collisions when compared with proton–proton […]

The well-established governance, licensing and collaborative mechanisms of open-source software set a standard for open-science movements.