Physics is fun  At the February Meeting of the American Physical Society, some of our colleagues put on a cabaret called “The Physical Revue”. Master of Ceremonies was Marvin Goldberger from Princeton, whose wife Mildred […]

The Soviet Atomic Project: How the Soviet Union Obtained the Atomic Bomb • Advances in Particle Therapy: A multidisciplinary approach • Mad maths • The Life, Science and Times of Lev Vasilevich Shubnikov, Pioneer of Soviet Cryogenics • The Workshop and the World, what ten thinkers can teach us about science and authority

Yong Ho Chin 1958–2019 • Albert Hofmann 1933–2018 • Vladimir Rittenberg 1934–2018 • Pio Picchi 1942–2019

New DESY director for astroparticle physics Effective from 1 January, Christian Stegmann has been appointed the first director in charge of astroparticle physics at DESY in Germany – a new role designed to strengthen astroparticle […]

The study of the production of quarkonia, the bound states of heavy quark–antiquark pairs, is an important goal of the ALICE physics programme. The quarkonium yield is suppressed in heavy-ion collisions when compared with proton–proton […]

The well-established governance, licensing and collaborative mechanisms of open-source software set a standard for open-science movements.