The penis bone, or baculum, rests at the end of the penis and provides structural support during copulation in many mammals, although not in humans. Matilde Brindle and Christopher Opie of University College London in […]

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NGC 6357 This composite multi-wavelength image invokes thoughts of a frosty winter landscape. In reality, it is a rather hot place in our Galaxy about 5500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. The region called NGC […]

Bulk superconductivity has been observed in bismuth when it is cooled to a temperature below 0.53 mK at ambient pressure. The discovery, reported by S Ramakrishnan and colleagues of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in […]

Tightest knot David Leigh and colleagues of the University of Manchester in the UK have tied the world’s tightest knot, in the form of an organic molecule. The knot has eight non-alternating crossings in a 192 atom […]

Single photons can now be prepared in a quantum-mechanical superposition of colours, giving rise to a new qubit that could be useful in quantum-information processing. Stéphane Clemmen of Cornell University in the US and colleagues […]

People have enjoyed an apéritif to stimulate appetite since at least the 5th century AD. While popular explanations for alcohol-induced overeating include a reduction of self-control, Sarah Cains of the Francis Crick Institute in London […]

Archaeobotanical remains Humans started using thermally resistant cooking vessels some 15,000 years ago, opening new food groups and leading to major changes in diet and nutrition. Research shows that such vessels were routinely used to process animal […]

Fig. 1. Recently, the CMS collaboration performed an updated search for a neutral Higgs boson decaying into two τ leptons using 13 fb−1 of data recorded during 2016. Although the existence of the Higgs has been established beyond […]

Fig. 1. The LHCb experiment has uncovered tantalising evidence that baryons made of matter behave differently to those made of antimatter, violating fundamental charge-parity (CP) symmetry. Although CP-violating processes have been studied for more than 50 years, dating […]

SESAME Late in the evening of 12 January, a beam of electrons circulated for the first time in the SESAME light source in Jordan. Following the first single turn, the next steps will be to achieve multi-turns, […]