A new record has been set in squeezing of the quantum state of light, which could be important for improving the sensitivity of gravitational-wave detectors and for more precise calibrations of photoelectric detectors. Henning Vahlbruch […]

Computers Stock of tapes After a running-in period which was expected to last about a year, the new central computer, the CDC 7600, can now handle more work than all the other computers at CERN put together. A sector […]

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This article has been supplied by Elektron Technology. Queensgate Instruments, an Elektron Technology brand, specialize in creating nanopositioning and sensing solutions for high-tech industries, with variants for precision measurement in vacuum, radiation and cryogenic environments. […]

Ahuna Mons This impressive alien view shows the mountain Ahuna Mons rising behind an impact crater on the dwarf-planet Ceres, which is the largest body among the thousands of asteroids that are located between the orbits of […]

The atmosphere–ocean system can drive the Earth to produce seismic signals called “microseisms”. These can be produced by large slow-moving storms but also by smaller storms, and in particular small extratropical storms dubbed “weather bombs”, […]

An analogue of the Hawking effect, whereby black-body radiation is emitted by black holes, can be seen in general wave phenomena when analogue horizons are present as waves propagating on a stationary counter-flowing medium. When […]

Beer insight Humans have a long relationship with the yeasts that make beer. Genetic and phenotypic analysis of 157 strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast used by the fermentation industry now reveal that they all originate from a […]

One of the key goals in exploring the properties of QCD matter is to pin down the temperature dependence of the shear-viscosity to entropy-density ratio (η/s). In the limit of a weakly interacting gas, kinetic […]

The LHCb collaboration presented new results at the 8th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm 2016), which took place in Bologna on 5 to 9 September. Among various novelties, the collaboration reported the most precise […]

Twenty years after its discovery at the Tevatron collider at Fermilab, interest in studying the top quark at the LHC is higher than ever. This was illustrated by the plethora of new results presented by […]

The Higgs boson has been observed via its decays to photons, tau leptons, and Z and W bosons, which has allowed ATLAS to glean much information about the particle’s properties. So far, these properties agree […]