Attempts to produce a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak have been improving, but they have so far tended to be too bulky to really compare to clothing. Now, Xingjie Ni of the University of California in […]

Two years on Tunnelling machine Almost two years ago, CERN Council approved the “Programme for the Construction and Bringing into Operation of the CERN 300 GeV Laboratory”. The SPS [Super Proton Synchrotron] project has now reached the stage […]

• Gaseous Radiation Detectors: Fundamentals and Applications (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology) • Books received

• A new Nobel prize for neutrino physics • First shipment of magnets from CERN to SESAME • Nygren, Radeka, and Witten receive new awards from the American Physical Society • Swiss Physical Society honours Herwig Schopper • Roger Cashmore turns 70 • Pierluigi Campana is new director of the Frascati National Laboratory • The Spanish vice-president visits CERN • Nobel Prize in Literature winner visits CERN • TEDxCERN breaks the rules • Life in extreme environments discussed at the LSC • Strong coupling: a workshop at CERN reviews latest advances bull; CAS course on Advanced Accelerator Physics held in Warsaw, Poland • Science pops in Geneva • HEPMAD 15 brings high-energy physics to Madagascar

Del Rosso The CERN Courier is not exclusively CERN’s. Its subtitle “International Journal of High-Energy Physics” stands as a friendly warning to all those readers who might otherwise think it is an official mouthpiece of the CERN […]

Mars liquid-water flows You might already have seen this image in a newspaper or magazine. It illustrated NASA’s announcement on 28 September of liquid-water flows on Mars. The evidence comes from dark, narrow streaks on slopes appearing in the […]

October 2015 was a turning point for the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) project, marking the end of the European-funded HiLumi LHC Design Study activities, and the transition to the construction phase, which is also reflected […]

Measurements of cosmological distance are of great importance, and any new ways of obtaining information other than via redshift analyses would be very welcome. Kiyoshi Wesely Masui and Kris Sigurdson of the University of British […]

In quantum mechanics, you can put an object into a superposition of states for “here” and “there”, but we never seem to see those. And we say that there is decoherence, but what causes it? […]

Carbon atoms deposited on graphene via focussed electron-beam-induced deposition (FEBD), making patterns that change with time, enable the creation of circuits that do something one day and something else the next. Songkil Kim of the […]

The ALICE experiment, designed for the LHC heavy-ion programme, is particularly well-suited for the detection and study of very high-energy cosmic events. The apparatus is located in a cavern 52 m underground, with 28 m of overburden […]

Test magnet High magnetic fields are the Holy Grail of high-energy accelerators. The strength of the dipole field determines the maximum energy the beam can achieve on a given orbit, and large-aperture, high-gradient quadrupoles, with high peak […]