Artificial muscle fibre A new type of artificial muscle made from fishing line and sewing thread dramatically outperforms predecessors. Carter S Haines of the University of Texas at Dallas and colleagues have shown how inexpensive, high-strength polymer fibres used […]

The Medical Service Sample collection Since June 1965, the Medical Service has been responsible for surveying the health of the personnel and for sanitary control. The Staff Rules and Regulations and CERN Safety Codes define medical procedures, […]

The 1980s were characterized by two outstanding achievements that were to influence the long-term future of CERN. First came the discovery of the W and Z particles, the carriers of the weak force, produced in proton–antiproton collisions […]

• From the Web to the Grid and Beyond: Computing Paradigms Driven by High-Energy Physics • Gottes unsichtbare Würfel: Die Physik an den Grenzen des Erforschbaren • Books received

Edwards Limited has launched a special variant to its nXDS range of dry scroll vacuum pumps, which is ideally suited for pumping rare or critical gases. nXDS dry scroll pumps are free of lubrication in […]

• Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders • 2014 International Supercomputing Conference

• Sergey Kruglov 1929–2014 • Lorenzo Foà 1937–2014 • François Etienne 1944–2014 • Obituary note

• Sessler honoured with Enrico Fermi Award • Maiani receives the 2013 Pontecorvo Award • François Englert receives honorary doctorate • Magnet design for HiLumi LHC wins competition • TOTEM and CDF studies win INFN thesis prize • DESY days • Brookhaven names new deputy director for science and technology • The oldest accelerator • Pisa celebrates Bruno Pontecorvo • Beijing honours the memory of Sanqiang Qian and Zehui He • German companies display their wares at CERN • Visits

Splice inspection When the shift crew in the CERN Control Centre extracted the beams from the LHC on 14 February last year, it marked the beginning of the first long shutdown, LS1, not only for the LHC but […]

Sound transmission is usually reciprocal – if you want to listen to someone you have to let them be able to hear you. Now, Romain Fleury of the University of Texas at Austin and colleagues […]

Non-classical light can be used to circumvent traditional diffraction limits on imaging, and has now been demonstrated to look inside a living cell. To do this, Michael A Taylor of the University of Queensland and colleagues […]

Many brittle materials, such as glass or ceramic tiles, can be broken readily if the surface is cracked first. It might come as a surprise then to find that such materials can be toughened by […]

Knowledge of the electron mass has been improved by a factor of 13, thanks to a clever extension of previous Penning-trap experiments. A team from the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik in Heidelberg, GSI and the ExtreMe […]

The Standard Model predicts that the photons emitted in b → sγ transitions, which can only occur through loop-level processes, are predominantly left-handed. This means that the asymmetry between the amplitudes with right- and left-handed photons – […]