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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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ALICE selects gas electron multipliers for its new TPC Mar 18, 2016

The experiment plans a major upgrade for its TPC.

ALICE: from LS1 to readiness for Run 2 Apr 27, 2015

Work in LS1 touched almost all of the sub-detetcors and online systems.

ALICE's TPC arrives at experiment cavern... Mar 2, 2007

ALICE's TPC arrives at experiment cavern... In early January ALICE's time projection chamber (TPC) moved 300 m from the assembly hall to the experiment cavern, taking four days to complete the journey. This 5 m wide, 5 m diameter cylinder weighs 8 tonnes…

ALICE experiment sees first cosmic-ray events Jul 25, 2006

On 16 June the time projection chamber (TPC) for the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) started to record its first real events, reconstructing the tracks of cosmic rays. ALICE will search for evidence for quark-gluon plasma in head-on…

Particle identification in ALICE boosts QGP studies Aug 23, 2012

How the experiment employs an arsenal of techniques.

The time projection chamber turns 25 Jan 27, 2004

Since its birth 25 years ago, the time projection chamber has developed into a mature technology that is used in many fields, as Spencer Klein describes.

ALICE through the phase transition Oct 30, 2000

While proton-proton collisions will be the principal diet of CERN's LHC machine, heavy-ion collisions will also be on the menu. The ALICE experiment will be ready and waiting.

Faces and Places Sep 4, 2003

The Virgo interferometer for the detection of gravitational waves, located at Cascina near Pisa, was inaugurated on 23 July. The frequency range of Virgo - from 10 to 6000 Hz - coupled with very high sensitivity, should allow detection of the gravitational…

ALICE: New kid on the block (archive) Sep 19, 2008

ALICE was the third collaboration to submit a technical proposal for an experiment at the LHC, doing so on 15 December 1995 with the design for a dedicated heavy-ion detector.

Faces and Places Jun 7, 2006

The 2006 April meeting of the American Physical Society (APS), held in Dallas, Texas, saw several prizes bestowed on physicists for outstanding contributions in high-energy physics. Sergio Ferrara of CERN, Dan Freedman of the Massachusetts Institute of…

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