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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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ALICE revolutionizes TOF systems Oct 25, 2011

The ALICE detector is optimized to investigate collisions of heavy-ions – in practice lead–lead (Pb–Pb) – in which the production of quark–gluon plasma (QGP), a new state of matter, will provide invaluable insight into the "quark–gluon coloured world".…

…and time flies for the ALICE detector Jul 8, 2008

During the last week of April, the ALICE experiment’s time-of-flight (TOF) detector was completed and installed in the experimental cavern. The TOF lies inside the huge magnet of ALICE, 3.7 m from the beamline. It will operate together with the time projection…

Particle identification in ALICE boosts QGP studies Aug 23, 2012

How the experiment employs an arsenal of techniques.

ITEP gives scintillation counters new START Sep 29, 2005

Scintillation counters, with their simplicity and fast response, have been the quintessential tool for triggering in particle physics since they were first coupled with photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) some 60 years ago. However, the bulky, fragile, high-voltage-driven…

ALICE looks to the skies Jul 18, 2012

One of big experiments at the LHC, and its intriguing observations.

ALICE forges ahead with detector installation Dec 6, 2006

When it starts up the ALICE experiment will observe collisions of heavy ions in CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), where "fireballs" of extremely hot and dense matter will be fleetingly made. Up to 20,000 tracks will emerge from each fireball, and one…

First ions for ALICE and rings for LHCb Oct 30, 2009

Injection tests on 25–29 September delivered heavy ions for the first time to the threshold of the LHC. Particles were extracted from the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) and transported along the TI2 and TI8 transfer lines towards the LHC, before being…

Sommaire en français Oct 25, 2011

Un Nobel pour la découverte de l’expansion accélérée de l’Univers Cent ans de supraconductivité OPERA signale une anomalie de la vitesse des neutrinos Israël devient État membre associé du CERN L’hydrogène kaonique jette une lumière nouvelle sur la dynamique…

ALICE: The heavy-ion challenge Sep 19, 2008

Jürgen Schukraft discusses how the ALICE detector has evolved over two decades.

ALICE looks to the skies (part II) Nov 13, 2015

The ALICE experiment, designed for the LHC heavy-ion programme, is particularly well-suited for the detection and study of very high-energy cosmic events. The apparatus is located in a cavern 52 m underground, with 28 m of overburden rock, offering excellent…

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