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  1. Teledyne SP Devices Announces Peer-to-Peer Streaming Support
    Teledyne SP Devices Apr 24, 2018

    Teledyne SP Devices today announced the release of peer-to-peer data transfer firmware and software.

  2. AUREA Technology introduces its flexible picosecond laser
    AUREA Technology Feb 20, 2018

    The PIXEA-analytics is a high performance and versatile picosecond laser. Available for center wavelengths from 375 nm to 1990 nm the PIXEA generates ultrashort laser pulses down to 30 ps.

  3. Residual Gas Analysers for Vacuum Diagnostics and Leak Detection
    Hiden Analytical Limited Jan 31, 2018

    Hiden RGA series quadrupole mass spectrometers for the examination of components present in a vessel or evolved from a process.

  4. QL01: Quantum Limited Nanowatt Photoreceiver
    Hobbs ElectroOptics May 18, 2017

    The QL01-A/B is an ultralow noise low light photoreceiver achieving shot noise limited performance above 25nA in a 1MHz bandwidth.

  5. Lake Shore exhibiting THz probing and new sensor monitoring products at APS
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Mar 10, 2016

    Visit Booth 701 to see demonstrations and discuss material and cryogenic measurement solutions.

  6. Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Signal Acquisition Instrument
    Zurich Instruments Mar 2, 2016

    Fast and intuitive waveform programming with sequence branching based on mutiple detection schemes for Quantum Computing, NMR Spectroscopy and Mixed-Signal Device Testing Customers.

  7. AUREA Technology launches its free-running and gated NIR Single Phootn Counting
    AUREA Technology Feb 18, 2016

    AUREA Technology launches at SPIE Photonics West the first continuous and gated modes near-infrared Single Photon Counting module, based on Geiger-mode SPAD.

  8. GATTA-PAINT Nanoruler
    GATTAquant - DNA Nanotechnologies Mar 18, 2015

    Nanorulers from the GATTA-PAINT series are the ideal resolution Nanorulers for any type of localization based super-resolution microscopy.

  9. GATTA-AFM Series
    GATTAquant - DNA Nanotechnologies Mar 13, 2015

    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) allows imaging of nanostructures with a resolution down to an atomic level.

  10. VadaTech Announces Dual FMC with Kintex-7 FPGA
    VadaTech Inc. Mar 13, 2015

    Embedded World – Mar 12, 2015 – VadaTech, a manufacturer of embedded boards and complete application-ready platforms, now offers a dual FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) carrier per the VITA 57 specification.

  11. Thermal Imager PCE-TC 9
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd Feb 17, 2015

    Thermal Imager with motorized autofocus / 384 x 288 Pixel / IP 50 protected housing / real-time data transfer from Thermal Imager to PC / 3.0 MP digital camera

  12. Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometers for Pyrolysis
    Henniker Scientific Ltd Feb 17, 2015

    The Veraspec range of Molecular Beam Gas Analysers has been extended to meet the specific demands of reaction monitoring in pyrolysis and gasification research applications.

  13. SIB464 Sensor Interface Board for SensL ArrayC-60035-64P 8 x 8 SiPM Array
    Vertilon Corporation Oct 9, 2014

    The SIB464 allows for a SensL ArrayC-60035-64P 8 x 8 silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) array to easily interface to a Vertilon PhotoniQ multichannel data acquisition system.

  14. Flat-field grazing-incidence spectrograph for the EUV, XUV, soft X-ray range
    DR. HOERLEIN + PARTNER Dec 2, 2013

    The compact XUV spectrograph features superior signal strength through maximum light collection. Highly modular, the spectrometer is adaptable to different experimental geometries and configurations.

  15. Intensifier and Detector Cooling System
    GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems Aug 15, 2013

    The PTC-3 cooling system is designed to operate with image or photon counting intensifiers where the dark count needs to be reduced. An device with cooling, is supplied with a Peltier housing.

  16. MCP-PMT Preamplifier
    GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems Aug 15, 2013

    The PA200-10 preamplifier is designed for use with detectors with 2 or more micro channel plates as they produce a small fast electrical pulse for each photon or particle passing through the detector.

  17. LPG Laser Pulse Generator
    GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems Aug 15, 2013

    The LPG laser pulse generator for time resolved diagnostics of photomultipliers and image intensifiers. The LPG can test time response and gating speed.

  18. P-TDC time to digital convertor
    GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems Aug 15, 2013

    Is a high time resolution time to digital convertor (TDC), which provides an picosecond resolution timing for photon detectors using suitable front end pre-amplifier and discriminator electronics.

  19. Nanosecond Gated Cameras
    GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems Aug 15, 2013

    The ICNSGC is a nanosecond intensifier gated camera. The camera features built-in delay and exposure adjustment in 250 ps increments where delay and exposure times are below a microsecond.

  20. Gating Modules
    GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems Aug 15, 2013

    The gate units can be used with image intensifiers and PMTs as ultra fast electronic shutters. The gate unit operates by turning the photocathode on and off to 3 ns with a 300 KHz repetition rate.

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