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Specific particles' properties

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  1.   New RGA for harsh radiation environments
    Hiden Analytical Limited Jan 29, 2018

    High energy particle physics applications will typically involve particle enclosure in sophisticated evacuated beam guidance systems.

  2. EPIC Quadrupole mass spectrometers for UHV analysis of neutrals, radicals & ions
    Hiden Analytical Limited Jan 31, 2018

    Hiden EPIC mass spectrometers for high precision scientific, process applications and UHV analysis of neutrals, radicals, and ions

  3. EQP – Mass and Energy Analyser for Plasma Diagnostics
    Hiden Analytical Limited Jan 31, 2018

    The Hiden EQP is a combined Mass/Energy analyser for the analysis of positive AND negative ions, neutrals, and radicals from plasma processes

  4. High Purity Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5), Electrical Grade, 99.9995%, 99.9999%
    ALB Materials Inc Aug 10, 2017

    ALB Materials Inc is a supplier of High Purity Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) or Electrical Grade Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5). The purity can reach 99.9995%(5.5N) and 99.9999%(6N). Our featured products.

  5. GES We connect High Voltage, specialized since 1989, up to 100 kVDC
    GES Electronic & Service Jul 11, 2017

    GES High Voltage is a German manufacturer of premium high voltage connectors for up to 100 kVDC with locations near Munich (HQ) and New York/USA.

  6. E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING sponsors GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam and anno
    E4 Computer Engineering S.p.A. Oct 12, 2016

    As NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference lands in Europe for the first time, E4 Computer Engineering prepares for it with a system based on the latest IBM POWER8 with NVIDIA NVlink™ processor.

  7. Material measurement, characterization platforms focus of Lake Shore MRS Spring
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Mar 24, 2016

    Visit Booth 112 to see cryogenic probe station and THz probe arm option demonstrations

  8. Janis Research Company Announces New Free Piston Stirling Cryocooler
    Janis Research Company, LLC Feb 25, 2013

    Reliable and efficient (10 W @ 80 K), the StirlingCool-10 expands Janis’s HTc and cryogen-free offerings.

  9. Scalable Readout System (SRS)

    Prisma Electronics is the official CERN manufacturer of SRSs: Minicrate (3U 2k channels) and Eurocrate (6U 14k channels). SRS's designed by RD51 Collaboration and they are distributed by CERN Store.

  10. 10GBER-XFP for Brocade 10GBER Modules
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  11. XBR-000146 for Brocade LX SFP
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  12. 3CXFP94 for 3Com 10GBASE-SR XFP 850nm Transceivers
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012

    3CXFP94, 3CXFP92,3CXFP96.

  13. SFP-GIG-61CWD60 for Alcatel-Lucent CWDM SFP
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  14. iSFP-100-SM40 for Alcatel-Lucent 100Base Transceivers
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  15. XFP-10G-SR for Alcatel-Lucent 10G Transceivers
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  16. XBR-000153 for Brocade 8GBASE-LR SFP+
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  17. 700260185 for Avaya ZX SFP
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  18. AT-G8T - Allied Telesis 1000BASE-T GBIC
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  19. AT-G8LX70 for Allied Telesis G8LX GBIC
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


  20. M8001-1000LX for Avaya M8001 GBIC
    Xenpak Modules,Inc. Sep 28, 2012


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