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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Photonis will be exhibiting at Analytica Germany Feb 23, 2018

Stop by our stand in hall A2, # 439B at the analytica trade fair in Munich, Germany 10 – 13 April

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Manufacturers come to Photonis to design and produce the most efficient detectors specifically designed for their instrument. Notably, Photonis provides custom microchannel plates, Channeltron® electron multipliers, TOF detectors, and many different photon detectors for various analytical instruments. Some of our latest innovations include:

NEW: Cricket Lens Coupling Attachment: The Cricket was designed to make any scientific camera an intensified camera. This plug and play adaptor attaches via C-Mount to easily allow your camera to capture images across a broad spectral range – 200 to 900nm. Learn more about the customization options available with the Cricket

Ion detectors from Photonis
Whether you are looking to guide ions or amplify them, Photonis has a detector for your needs. Photonis provides a whole line of ion detectors to support a wide range of techniques, including ICP-MS, TOF, Ion Trap, Magnetic Sector, LC-MS, GC-MS, single- and triple-Quad MS and MALDI-TOF.

Some of our ion detection products include:
Channeltron®: These compact detectors are available as complete assemblies or as stand-alone detectors maximize instrument performance through an extended dynamic range
Microchannel Plates: Available in various configurations, including Z-Stack and Chevron, MCPs from Photonis offer high spatial resolution and low noise
Resistive Glass Products: Our patented resistive glass products, such as capillary inlet tubes, reflectron lenses, drift tubes, and single-piece monolithic stacked ring assemblies can increase ion throughput up to 1000x.

Photon detectors from Photonis
Photonis provides award-winning photon detectors for high speed, high resolution imaging for various applications including time-correlated single photon counting, microscopy, and fluorescence imaging. Some of these products include:
NOCTURN low-light CMOS cameras: Photonis offers a variety of digital CMOS cameras designed to provide crisp, clear images in low light conditions. These cameras are used for everything from microscopy to fluorescence imaging and ion beam alignment.
Image Intensifier Tubes: Available in 18mm or 40mm sizes, image intensifier tubes from Photonis amplify photons across a broad spectrum and can be customized for your exact specifications
Hi-QE photocathodes: Customize any of our photon detection products with a Hi-QE photocathode to increase quantum efficiency up to 50%


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