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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

QL01: Quantum Limited Nanowatt Photoreceiver May 18, 2017

Company details

Hobbs ElectroOptics
160 N. State Road
Suite 203
Briarcliff Manor
New York
United States

Tel: (914) 236-3005

The QL01-A/B is an ultralow noise low light photoreceiver achieving shot noise limited performance above 25nA in a 1MHz bandwidth.

The QL01 is a highly sensitive photoreceiver that achieves shot-noise
limited performance from 10 nanowatts up to a few microwatts, with
a previously unattainable combination of sensitivity and bandwidth. It uses a proprietary
bootstrap architecture reducing the effect of photodiode capacitance by over
1000x with sub-nanovolt noise densities. This allows the QL01B to offer shot-noise-limited
performance at 25 nA out to its full 1 MHz bandwidth, and at 7 nA in 100 kHz.
The QL01A trades off a bit of low-light performance for a 7x increase in detector area for
more light collection and ease of alignment.

Low-light applications in solid state physics, spectroscopy, chemistry, biology, and other
fields will see an immediate improvement in their measurements by switching to the