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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3) Jan 12, 2016

Company details

Stanford Advanced Materials
72 Fairbanks Suite 100
United States

Tel: 1-949 407 8904

Stanford Advanced Materials supplies scandium oxide powder and sputtering target at competitive prices and with unrivaled customer service.

Features of Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3):
1. Cubic crystal structure
2. An insulator with a band gap of 6.0 ev

-Scandium oxide (Sc2O3), also known as Scandia, is used in the production of high intensity "stadium" lights.
-Preparation of other scandium compounds as well as in high-temperature systems (for its resistance to heat and thermal shock), electronic ceramics, and glass composition (as a helper material).



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