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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Intensify Your Camera Jul 23, 2014

Company details

Lambert Instruments
Leonard Springerlaan 19

Tel: +31-50-5018461
Fax: +31-50-5010034

Lambert Instruments can upgrade your current camera with an image intensifier, increasing its light sensitivity to boost low-light performance.

Does your camera struggle to record clear images in low-light situations? You could increase the exposure time to capture more light. But that may introduce motion blur. What you need is a camera with a better light sensitivity. Instead of buying a new camera, you can improve the light sensitivity of your current camera by equipping it with an image intensifier.

Our new Intensify Your Camera service is the easiest way to boost the light sensitivity of your camera. Our skilled technicians will fiber-optically couple the image intensifier to your camera. They have years of experience doing this because we use the same technique for our own camera systems.

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