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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

ZOOM Spectra Mar 3, 2014

Company details

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems
13, chemin du Vieux ChĂȘne

Tel: +33 (0)4 58 00 12 49

ZOOM Spectra gives you access to high spectral resolutions on simultaneous bandwidth of a few nanometers. It can be used as a multimode wavelengthmeter and a laser spectrum analyzer.

High performance spectrometer for laser characterization.

With the ZOOM Spectra, you can easily characterize your laser sources: verify the central wavelength, spectral width, side modes, stability over time, detect hopping modes and so much more.

- Multimode wavelengthmeter: 1 pm absolute accuracy.
- Laser spectrum analysis: 5-15 pm / 0.2cm-1 / 6 GHz resolution.
- Wavelength range: 630-1070 nm.
- High measurement rate capability: up to 30 kHz.
- Trigger option.
- Long-life factory calibration.
- User-friendly software.
- Gigabit Ethernet connection.
- Compact size.


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