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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

Flat-field grazing-incidence spectrograph for the EUV, XUV, soft X-ray range Dec 2, 2013

Company details

Grimmeisenstr. 31

Tel: +49 176 23514425

The compact XUV spectrograph features superior signal strength through maximum light collection. Highly modular, the spectrometer is adaptable to different experimental geometries and configurations.

The XUV spectrograph features an aberration-corrected flat-field wavelength coverage from 5nm to 80nm using a single grating. In the range between 10 and 80nm, the spectrometer can be used to directly image the source without using an entrance slit. This improves light collection by approx. 20 times over conventional devices. For some experimental configurations, this improved signal strength is the crucial step for realizing a measurement at all.
Furthermore, direct imaging along with a rugged design significantly increases the device robustness against misalignment.
Customization for each application is available. Applications include: characterization of EUV lithography sources, HHG lasers, and soft x-ray plasmas.