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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

Vacuum Imaging Detectors Aug 15, 2013

Company details

GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems
Julius-Hatry - Str 1

Tel: 0049 621 820394 34
Fax: 0049 621 820394 33

The Vacuum Imaging Detector (VID) is an vacuum compatible open face detector without a photocathode very often known as open MCP-Detector, multichannel plate detector or microchannel plate detector.

The Vacuum Imaging Detector (VID) is designed to be mounted into or onto a vacuum chamber. The VID is designed to detect charged particles, UV photons and neutrons. It is available with either a phosphor screen, solid anode or resistive sea anode which provides re-configurable anode options. The phosphor screen can also include a time of flight module which provides timing response to 5 ns. Typical applications include electron microscopy, nuclear physics research and UV-,XUV- and VUV imaging.


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