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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

UHF-BOX Boxcar Averager Jun 11, 2013

2 boxcar units, 450 MHz repetition rate, integrator dead time <2 ns, multi-channel boxcar, peak form analyzer, 512 simultaneous harmonics

UHF-BOX provides a fully digital boxcar averager with unprecedented bandwidth and dead time specifications. Users can now measure at repetition rates up to 450 MHz directly, over 1000x greater than the previously available measurement rate, with a 600 MHz input bandwidth. There’s now no need to miss a single pulse of information.
Available as an option for the 600 MHz UHFLI lock-in amplifier, with UHF-BOX two boxcar units are provided as well as two peak form analyzers (PFA), enabling instantaneous signal pulse shape visualisation. The UHFLI is already equipped with an integrated tool-set for time and frequency domain signal analysis - an oscilloscope, a frequency response analyzer and an FFT spectrum analyser.


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