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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator Range Revamped – New models introduced May 9, 2013

HOLOEYE active SLMs from Elliot Scientific are based on either translucent or reflective microdisplays and have the highest resolution and smallest pixel pitch currently on the market.

Two new PLUTO HDTV High Retardance phase only panels show a considerably higher phase retardation compared to standard panels. This enables up to 4π or even up to 6π phase functions to be addressed.

New LETO Phase Only Reflective SLM is based on a full 1920x1080 pixel LCOS microdisplay with a pixel pitch of only 6.4µm and a small interpixel gap of 0.2µm. The SLM provides a high fill factor with corresponding high light efficiency, and is usable in the 400-1100nm range with a phase shift of 2π up to 850nm.

New LC 2012 Transmissive SLM is based on a LC microdisplay with 1024x768 pixel resolution. It is addressed using a standard HDMI interface and advanced calibration can be performed via USB. The SLM provides a phase shift of 2π at 532nm and around 1π at 800nm.

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