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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Fiber Optic Media Converter Sep 26, 2012

We are supplier of 10/100 base fiber optic media converter, 10/100/1000 base fiber optic media converter.

fiber optic media converters are equipment, which receives data signals, sent via one media, convert the signals and then transmit the signals into another kind of media. Fiber optic media converters can convert the signals sent from copper cable to signals that run on the fiber cable, they are copper to fiber or fiber-to-fiber conversion devices. There are single mode converter and multi mode converters, for single mode converter, there are dual fiber type and single fiber type which the fiber cable functions both as transmitting media and receiving media, while for multi mode converter, there are only dual fiber types. Single fiber media converters are also called WDM fiber optic converters.



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