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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

16-Channel DWDM Mux/Demux Module Jan 4, 2012

Company details

XFP modules,ukraine ltd.
street Zhiljansky, 14, Kiev, 01220.

Tel: +380 (0)44 279 548

16-Channel DWDM Mux/Demux Modules for Enterprise networks.

16-Channel DWDM Mux/Demux Module specifications
Channels Number (λ) 1X16
Center Wavelength (nm) ITU 100 GHz Grids dwdm
Center Wavelength Accuracy (nm) ± 0.1
Channel Passband(@-0.5dB bandwidth) Min.(nm) >0.22
Operating Wavelength (nm) 1260 ~ 1360 or 1500~1600
Channel Space (GHz) 0.8nm
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤4.5
Isolation (dB) Adjacent Channel ≥25
Non-Adjacent Channel ≥35
Ripple (dB) 0.3
Wavelength Temperature Shifting (nm/℃) <0.002
Insertion Loss Temperature Sensitivity (dB/℃) ≤0.005
Uniformity (dB) Minimize Pair Loss or ≤1.5
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB) ≤0.15
Polarization Mode Dispersion (ps) ≤0.1
Return Loss (dB) ≥45
Directivity (dB) ≥40



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