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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

KTP crystal Dec 19, 2012

Company details

Thatshigh Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
Office Building No.1, 677 Tian-chen Ave.,
High-tech Development Zoneļ¼Œ Jinan, China

Tel: +86-531-88687115

KTP crystals are widely used in both commercial and military lasers including laboratory and medical systems, range-finders, lidar, optical communication and industrial systems.

THATSHIGH's KTP is featured by
1.Large nonlinear optical coefficient
2.Wide angular bandwidth and small walk-off angle
3.Broad temperature and spectral bandwidth
4. High electro-optic coefficient and low dielectric constant
5.Large figure of merit
6.Nonhydroscopic, chemically and mechanically stable

1.Strict quality control
2.large crystal size up to 20x20x40mm3 and maximum length of 60mm;
3.Quick delivery(2 weeks for polished only, 3 weeks for coated)
4.Unbeatable price and quantity discount
5.Technical support
6.AR-coating, mounting and re-polishing service


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