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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

Now Measure Hall Mobilities Down to 0.001 cm2/V s with Ease Aug 26, 2011

Company details

Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc
575 McCorkle Blvd
OH 43082-8888
United States

Tel: 001-614-891-2243x116
Fax: 001-614-891-1392

Westerville, Ohio, USA, August 24, 2011—Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc., in collaboration with Toyo Corporation of Japan, is pleased to introduce the new 8400 Series Hall effect measurement system (HMS).

The 8400 Series HMS with optional AC
field measurement capability allows you to measure Hall mobilities down to 0.001 cm2/V s—lower than ever possible using
traditional DC field Hall measurement techniques.

Many contemporary semiconductor and electronic
materials are being developed for applications including
green energy, efficient lighting, flexible inexpensive
electronics, and high power devices. This emerging class
of photovoltaic (solar cell), thermoelectric and organic
electronic materials are characterized by low mobilities
that are difficult, if not impossible to measure.


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