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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

ESPion, an Advanced Langmuir Probe for Plasma Diagnostics Nov 1, 2010

The ESPion advanced Langmuir probe for rapid, reliable and accurate plasma diagnostics for industry and academia.

-Etching/Deposition/Cleaning Plasma Processes
-Pulsed plasma operation
-Ion collection (Ni & Gi)
-Electron retardation (Te & EEDF)
-Electron collection (Ne)
-Plasma Potential
-Debye Length, floating potential
-Ion flux

-1-5 scans/sec acquisition rate with D-O-E interface for auto, semi or manual analyses
-Hiden pioneers in passive RF compensation, ESPion has the highest blocking impedance of any commercially available unit (4.25MOhm at 13.56 MHz cf. 100kOhm)
-Gas cooled multi-inductor chain for high temperature plasma operation is user replaceable for tuning to other frequencies
-reference probe compensates for low frequency effects
-The fastest pulsed plasma specifications of any commercial probe, ESPsoft contains all necessary gating circuitry as standard



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