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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Atmospheric Gas Analysis System - QGA Jan 31, 2018

The QGA gas analysis system is a compact bench-top gas analysis system for real time gas and vapour analysis.

-Gas reaction studies
-Fuel cell reactions studies
-Contamination Studies
-Fermentation analysis
-Environmental Gas Analysis
-Thermal Analysis Mass Spectrometry
-Catalysis Studies/Reaction Kinetics

QGA is sensitive, stable and responsive for:
-Real time multiple species gas & vapour analysis
-Wide concentration measurment range: 0.1PPM to 100%
-Continuous sampling at atmospheric pressure
-Low sample consumption requirements from <1atm cc/min to 16atm cc/min
-Soft Ionisation for the analysis of complex organics/appearance MS studies
-Minimal sample pre conditioning required
-Corrosive gas sampling options
-Integrated CO analyser option for PPM analysis of CO with CO2 and Nitrogen
-Mass range: 200amu - standard. 300amu option
-Stability (<±0.5% height variation over 24h)


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