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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

Multi Stream Gas/Vapour Analyser - QIC Biostream Nov 1, 2010

The QIC Biostream multi-stream gas analysis system for the monitoring and analysis of gases, vapours and processes.

Applications Include:
-Multiple Zone Process Monitoring
-Contamination Studies
-System speciation/concentration mapping
-Environmental Gas Analysis

-20,40,80way sample configurations, Integral thermocouple/heater upto 120°C
-Robust, flexible, heated QIC direct inlet <500ms response to gases/vapours -Gas flows from 0.01-10 l/min from 10mbar to 2bar, 100 amu profile in 2.5s -High Sensitivity (to 5ppb) & Stability (<±0.5% height variation, 24h), to 510amu -Zero ‘crosstalk’ for low memory effects, Low dead volume for fast response -Novel face sealing technology provides effective seal with long life (>6x106 events)
-Direct drive, high torque microstepping motor with incremental rotary encoder for home z-position & closed loop motion
-Soft Ionisation for analysis of complex organics


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