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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Cryogen free dilution refrigerator for astronomy Aug 18, 2010

Janis Research has successfully tested a cryogen free dilution refrigerator for cosmic microwave background studies, model JDry-100-ASTRA.

The model JDry-100-ASTRA has an ability to work in a wide range of tilting angles -20 to 53 degrees from vertical, providing cooling power to a novel type of sensor for cosmic microwave background studies.

The system employs a power-savvy and quiet pulse tube cryocooler with remote distribution valve. It takes only 40 hours to cool to the base temperature of 15 mK thanks to a common vacuum space and efficient mechanical heat-switch design.

The current system has a measured cooling power of 120 microwatts at 100 mK with a single mechanical vane pump, and can be upgraded to an automated gas handling system, Janis model GHS2, equipped with a more powerful oil-free hermetic 6-stage Roots pump. This upgrade ensures full remote control of the cooling process, as well as higher cooling power.