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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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ST-100 Optical Cryostat with Sample in Vacuum Jun 11, 2010

Continuous flow cryostat suitable for a wide range of applications: specify the window material and geometry to allow spectroscopy with excitation energies from gamma rays through to the far infrared.

Designed for experiments requiring optical access to the sample, the Janis Research ST-100 includes the following components:

* Optical vacuum shroud
* Optical radiation shield
* Four (4) 1.625" clear view quartz windows
* Optical sample holder
* One (1) 10-pin electrical feedthrough
* Three (3) blank feedthrough ports
* Temperature sensor
* 6' superinsulated cryogen transfer line
* System test

Typical Applications:

* Matrix Isolation
* Raman Spectroscopy
* Mössbauer
* Optoelectric Effect
* Photoluminescence
* Microphotoluminescence
* High Tc
* Microscopy

Visit for more information including specifications and mechanical drawing.