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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Probe stations, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen or cryogen free May 24, 2010

Janis Research manufactures micro-manipulated cryogenic & vacuum probe stations for chips, wafers and device testing from ~ 3 K to 650 K.

Janis Research cryogenic probe stations can be used in various fields including semiconductors, MEMS, superconductivity, electronics, ferroelectrics, material science, physics and optics. Cryogenic probers are available as tabletop or stand-alone systems. They include an ultra high efficiency continuous flow cryostat system that utilizes liquid helium or liquid nitrogen (temperatures range from below 3 K to 500 K [650 K optional]), and offer fast cool down without introducing any vibrations to the sample. Vibration isolated cryogen-free systems eliminate the need for liquid helium or liquid nitrogen. Probe your devices with DC pulses and low frequency signals, microwave signals, or both with typically four probes in one system (also available with two, six or eight probes).