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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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ST-500 Microscopy Cryostat Apr 6, 2010

The ST-500 microscopy cryostat is portable, easily mounted in a variety of configurations, and can be used both in transmission and reflection geometries. Nominal vibrational amplitude is +/- 15 nm.

The ST-500 system includes a flexible high-efficiency variable flow cryogen transfer line. This line delivers liquid helium or liquid nitrogen to a two-stage heat exchanger and sample mount.

Options include:

* A variety of window materials and sizes
* Interchangeable sample mounts for different sample thicknesses
* Magneto-optical system (including optional rare earth magnets)
* Electrical and RF feedthroughs
* A complete system solution including temperature controllers, pumping systems and storage dewars

Specifications include:
Temperature range (continuous) 3.5 - 475 K (standard)
Cryogen usage during cooldown to 4.2 K: 1 Liter LHe; 0.3 Liter LN2
Temperature stability (with temperature controller): <50 mK
Nominal cryogen usage: LHe @ 5 K: ~ 1.1 L/hour; LN2 @ 80 K: ~0.1 L/hour