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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Cryogen-free He-3 Cryostat Model HE-3-SSV-PT-2 Apr 6, 2010

The Janis model HE-3-SSV-PT-2 cryogen-free helium-3 cryostat offers 115 hours of continuous operation at temperatures <300mK.

In the midst of the current He-3 gas shortage crisis, Janis Research Company is very proud to announce the development of the next generation cryogen-free He-3 cryostat system, with substantially enhanced operating efficiency.

Janis has improved on its cryogen-free helium-3 cryostat design with its second generation model HE-3-SSV-PT-2 cryostat for cooling samples in vacuum. It utilizes the additional cooling power from the regenerator to pre-cool the He-3 gas before it is liquefied. The condensing efficiency is substantially enhanced with this novel design, resulting in a longer holding time.

The Janis new model HE-3-SSV-PT-2 He-3 system offers 115 hours of continuous operation at temperatures <300mK.