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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Product details

HiCAM May 9, 2014

Company details

Lambert Instruments
Leonard Springerlaan 19

Tel: +31-50-5018461
Fax: +31-50-5010034

- 100.000 fps max. recording rate - Single photon detection - Min. exposure 40 ns, optionally 3 ns

The HiCAM enables detailed imaging of fast events at high time resolution. It can record at up to 100.000 fps. At the same time it offers single photon detection capability. Fast moving objects are recorded sharply by shuttering the image intensifier down to 40 ns, optionally 3 ns. The dual stage image intensifier (photocathodes with different spectral response available) is coupled to the CMOS sensor by tapered fiber optics. Applications include combustion research, plasma physics, time-resolved fluorescence, PIV, LIF, micro-fluidics and other dynamic phenomena.


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