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International Journal of High-Energy Physics


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The CERN Courier
website brings you online articles from the print magazine and a variety of resources for the high-energy physics community.

Feature of the month

NOvA takes a new look at neutrino oscillations Jul 23, 2014

A new experiment gets going using Fermilab’s upgraded neutrino beam.

Latest jobs

DESY-Fellowships (f/m)

Posting date: Aug 19, 2014
Closing date: Sep 30, 2014
Hamburg, Germany

Associate Professorship in Experimental Particle Physics

Posting date: Aug 8, 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark

Two Ph.D. scholarships in the theory of complex quantum systems

Posting date: Aug 1, 2014
Skolkova, Russian Federation

Webinar series

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Vacuum and Cryogenic (3 K to 675 K) Probe Stations: A versatile tool for materials and device characterization

Join Scott Azer for a live discussion on implementing vacuum probe stations as tools to characterize different materials and devices. We will focus on describing probe stations used to study MEMS, MOSFETS, organic electronics, solar cells, graphene and quantum dots.
Thursday 27 September 2012
2.30 p.m. BST
Register today

Career Videos

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Come to work at CERN

At CERN, the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments are used to study the basic constituents of matter — the fundamental particles. By studying what happens when these particles collide, physicists learn about the laws of Nature.
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View jobs at CERN


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Latest issue

CERN Courier
Volume 54 Issue 6


CP violation’s early days

A look back at a surprising discovery 50 years ago.

NA31/48: the pursuit of direct CP violation

Some background to an important result for the Standard Model.

What’s next for CP violation?

Interest in CP violation continues today with studies of b hadrons and neutrinos.

NOvA takes a new look at neutrino oscillations

A new experiment gets going using Fermilab’s upgraded neutrino beam.


Faces & Places

• Turkey to become associate member state of CERN • All change at Argonne • Battiston to head Italian Space Agency • Knighthoods for Kibble and Virdee • Kibble receives Albert Einstein Medal • Markov Prize recognizes pioneers in theoretical astrophysics and cosmology • Berkeley honours Nygren’s ingenuity • JUAS celebrates 20th anniversary • High-energy physics carries on in Bosnia and Herzegovina despite the floods • CAS covers power converters • LHC superconducting magnet joins parade • Synchrocyclotron named EPS Historic Site • The PSB then and now • Visits


• Robert Vinh Mau 1931–2014


• Un diplomate dans le siècle ; souvenirs et anecdotes • How Big is Big and How Small is Small: The Sizes of Everything and Why • Henri Poincaré: A Biography Through the Daily Papers • Cosmic Cartoon Collection: Cartoons on Astronomy, Cosmology, Quarks, and other Physical Matters • Particle Fever • Books received


• Dark Matter at the Large Hadron Collider (DM@LHC)

White papers

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MicroTCA.4: a high-performance COTS computing architecture

MicroTCA is a powerful, compact open-standard COTS architecture with rear I/O capability and signal-conditioning provisions ideally suited for physics applications. A white paper from Vadatech

High pumping performance in a compact package

The NEXTorr is an ideal solution in a broad range of high and ultrahigh vacuum applications where space and performance are key. A white paper from SAES Getters.

Dramatically improve compute-intense applications in the supercomputing cloud

A practical guide to high-performance computing with COMSOL Multiphysics and Microsoft HPC Server.

Four approaches enable gap-free acquisition of continuous and triggered signals

Numerous test scenarios require gap-free or continuous acquisition of digitized data for minutes, hours or days.

Modelling and analysis of acoustic emissions and structural vibration in a wind turbine

The onshore wind turbine industry must overcome many technical, commercial, and environmental difficulties.

Multiphysics simulation software

The fusion of faster hardware and smarter algorithms opens up new opportunities for multiphysics modelling and simulation of the real world.

Agilent Technologies New Application Note Describes How to Reveal Greater Detail in Waveform Measurements

A white paper from Agilent Technologies.