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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Come to work at ELI Nuclear Physics

Come to work at ELI Nuclear Physics

To be built in Bucharest-Magurele, ELI-NP will be one of the three pillars of ELI – the Extreme Light Infrastructure, along with facilities dedicated to the study of secondary sources (Dolni Brezany, near Prague) and attosecond pulses (Szeged).
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Meet Lioce Donato, System Engineer at the ITER Organization

Meet Lioce Donato, System Engineer at the ITER Organization

Lioce Donato is a system engineer for the cooling water system at ITER. In this employer video he briefly discusses his job role and why he chose to work at the ITER Organization.
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Come to work at CERN

At CERN, the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments are used to study the basic constituents of matter — the fundamental particles. By studying what happens when these particles collide, physicists learn about the laws of Nature.
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Opportunities at IMT

IMT in Lucca, Italy, is an international Graduate School and Institute of Technology that strives to combine research excellence with practical relevance. IMT attracts top students, researchers and scholars through competitive international selections.
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CERN student program

Are you an undergraduate student from a CERN Member State in a technical field looking for a practical training period or a place to do your final project? View the video
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Job details

Senior Physicist at ELI-Beamlines for Laser-driven Electron Acceleration and Plasma Diagnostics

About this job

Company & location
ELI - Beamlines, Czech Republic
Doctorate (PhD/DPhil/DEng/Dr.-Ing.)
Last updated
Jun 9, 2017

The ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) Project is an integral part of the European plan to build the next generation of large research facilities. ELI-Beamlines is a cuttingedge laser facility that is currently being constructed in Dolní Brežany (on the southern border of Prague), Czech Republic; its commissioning is scheduled for end of 2017. ELI will deliver ultrashort, ultra-intense laser pulses lasting typically a few tens of femtoseconds with an un-precedent combination of high intensity and repetition rate. It will make available a unique combination of synchronized beams from the primary
lasers and secondary sources for a wide range of interdisciplinary applications in physics, chemistry, medicine, biology and material science.

We are seeking physicists experienced in laser-driven electron acceleration and/or plasma diagnostics to join our team at Dolní Brežany near Prague. The goal of the team is to design, build and commission a compact laser-driven undulator X-ray (LUX) source we are developing in collaboration with University of Hamburg and DESY. The LUX will provide water window photon pulses for user experiments with challenging stability as close as possible to classical synchrotron sources. The beamline involves also several short and ultra-short synchronized auxiliary laser beams for both advanced plasma diagnostics and user pump and probe experiments. As part of the team, you will contribute to design, construction and commissioning the beamline, especially the laser wake-field accelerator stage driven by a petawatt class highrepetition rate laser and advanced plasma diagnostics providing essential insight into the electron acceleration process. You will also work with the team on development towards much brighter and challenging laser-driven X-ray free-electron laser.

Position: Senior Physicist at ELI-Beamlines for Laser-driven
Electron Acceleration and Plasma Diagnostics

Group: Laser-driven Undulator X-ray source

We are seeking physicists with the following qualifications, skills and experience:

PhD in plasma physics or equivalent
Knowledge of laser-plasma driven electron beam accelerators and designing, building and performing laser driven electron acceleration experiments
Extensive knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

Applications of laser driven electron accelerators as drivers for nextgenerationlight sources
Laser-driven plasma diagnostics
Laser/X-ray pump and probe experiments
Particle in cell simulations
Synchronization of ultra-short laser beams.
Non-linear optics

We offer:

The opportunity to participate on a very interesting scientific project with potentially great impact for society.
Career growth, professional education.
Competitive and motivating salary.
5 weeks of holidays and other employee benefits.
Pleasant work environment.

Applications, containing CV, cover letter, contacts of references, and any other material the candidate considers relevant, should be sent to Mrs. Jana Ženíšková, HR specialist (, +420 - 601560322). Please include the following text in your cover letter, to allow us to process your personal details:

I agree that, according to the decree 101/2000 coll.(Czech Republic), my personal details sent to FZU AV CR, v.v.i. , Na Slovance 2, 18221 Praha 8, Czech Republic can be used for the purpose of obtaining employment and management of database of employment candidates. This permission is given for the period of one year and can be at any time withdrawn by giving a notice in writing.