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CERN Courier magazine: March 2018 digital edition

Cern Courier

Welcome to the digital edition of the March 2018 issue of CERN Courier

The humble hydrogen atom has taught us much during the past two centuries, ultimately leading to the atomic picture of Bohr. As this month’s cover feature argues, physicists are morally obligated to subject anti-hydrogen to the same analytical tools – in particular to test if antimatter obeys the same fundamental symmetries as matter. Following a long campaign, the ALPHA collaboration at CERN’s Antiproton Decelerator (AD) has recently measured the antihydrogen 1S–2S transition and other spectral properties of antihydrogen, opening a new direction of exploration. Meanwhile, the AD’s BASE experiment has measured the antiproton magnetic moment with exquisite precision, further testing symmetries such as CPT. We also describe a Cornell-Brookhaven project to build the first superconducting multi-turn energy recovery linac, survey the latest attempts to test the validity of the Pauli exclusion principle, and report on an initiative to establish a world-class research infrastructure in South-East Europe following the CERN model.

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