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CERN Courier magazine: June 2017 digital edition

Cern Courier

Welcome to the digital edition of the June 2017 issue of CERN Courier

Fifty years ago, Robert Wilson and his deputy Edwin Goldwasser set up temporary offices in Oak Brook, Illinois, and immediately started staffing a new laboratory for fundamental physics centred around a 200 GeV accelerator. This issue of CERN Courier revisits the beginnings of Fermilab, now the principal laboratory in the US devoted to particle physics, and looks at some of its contributions over the decades. Three elementary particles were discovered there: the bottom quark, the top quark and the tau neutrino. Together with CERN’s discovery of the W, Z and Higgs bosons, these two titans of the high-energy frontier have put the Standard Model on solid foundations. The evolving relationship between Fermilab and CERN, one of collaboration and competition, has seen records broken on both sides of the Atlantic, most recently with CERN’s LHC surpassing the energy of Fermilab’s Tevatron collider. Today, the two labs enjoy a closer partnership than ever, with Fermilab contributing to the LHC and CERN contributing to the short- and long-baseline neutrino programmes at Fermilab. Both facilities have demonstrated the benefits of carrying out high-energy physics on large scales, and now serve as models for how to achieve global collaboration. Meanwhile, two other major physics facilities celebrate anniversaries this month: the Baksan Neutrino Observatory in Russia, which also turns 50, and the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy, for which construction was completed 30 years ago. Happy birthday to all!

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