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CERN Courier magazine: June 2013 digital edition

Cern Courier

Welcome to the digital edition of the June 2013 issue of CERN Courier

While collisions at the LHC can directly produce heavy particles – like the one recently identified as a Higgs boson – they can also cast light on the existence of new particles that have masses beyond the energy limit of the machine. Such particles can be observed indirectly through their 'virtual' participation in rare decay processes, which are described by penguin-like diagrams. Searches for these processes are important for the LHCb experiment, specialized in studying the transitions of b quarks. It is one area in which LHCb can compete with the huge, general-purpose experiments, ATLAS and CMS, which received the provisional go-ahead exactly 20 years ago. In the same month – June 1993 – the CERN School of High-Energy Physics evolved into the European School of High-Energy Physics. Organized jointly by CERN and JINR in Dubna, the school continues to exemplify how interest in science brings together people from different nations to work in harmony.

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