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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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CERN Courier magazine: July/August 2014 digital edition

Cern Courier

Welcome to the digital edition of the July/August 2014 issue of CERN Courier

In July 1964, the results of an experiment with neutral kaons at Brookhaven Laboratory took particle physicists by surprise when it discovered CP violation – a subtle difference between particles and antiparticles. This issue takes a look at the discovery and some of what followed at CERN. In particular, the NA31 and NA48 experiments played a leading role in the discovery of direct CP violation, which helped to understand the phenomenon in the context of the Standard Model of particle physics. Fifty years later, interest in the effect shows no sign of abating, especially after CP violation was also found in B mesons at KEK and SLAC in 2001. Experiments to pin down the phenomenon continue, for example, with B mesons at the LHC, and are also beginning to turn to neutrinos. The NOvA experiment at Fermilab has neutrino oscillations in its sights, as well as an initial study of CP violation.

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