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CERN Courier magazine: January/February 2018 digital edition

Cern Courier

Welcome to the digital edition of the January/February 2018 issue of CERN Courier

Proton therapy was first administered in a patient at Berkeley National Laboratory in September 1954, the same month CERN was founded. The breakthrough followed the invention of the cyclotron, and the relationship between high-energy physicists and oncologists has grown closer ever since. This issue of the Courier takes a look at some of the medical applications of accelerators, in particular for particle therapy. Hadron beams can allow tumours to be targeted more precisely than conventional radiotherapy and the number of centres is growing rapidly across Europe, for example thanks to efforts such as the TERA Foundation. A shift to more compact linac-driven treatment centres, meanwhile, promises to expand access to particle and radiotherapy in the challenging environments of low- and middle-income countries, where cancer rates are predicted to be highest in the coming decades. Accelerator technology is also bringing new opportunities in radioisotope production for theragnostics and advanced treatment modes, as exemplified by the recently completed MEDICIS research facility at CERN, while detector and computing technology from particle physics continue to have a major impact on medical imaging and treatment planning.

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