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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Company details

Thatshigh Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Dec 19, 2012

About this company

Thatshigh Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
Office Building No.1, 677 Tian-chen Ave.,
High-tech Development Zone, Jinan, China

Tel: +86-531-88687115

Thatshigh Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. is a fast-growing high-technology company specialized in: laser-used crystals, non-linear crystals and optical components.


Products from this company

  1. DKDP Pockels cell Dec 19, 2012

    THATSHIGH provides bulk supply of high quality KDP and DKDP crystals in diverse sizes for the above applications, as well as custom-made services of crystal select, design and processing.

  2. KTP crystal Dec 19, 2012

    KTP crystals are widely used in both commercial and military lasers including laboratory and medical systems, range-finders, lidar, optical communication and industrial systems.

  3. Nd:YVO4 crystal Dec 19, 2012

    Nd:YVO4 is currently the most efficient host material for DPSS, especially for low to middle power density. Nd:YVO4 surpasses Nd:YAG in terms of absorption and emission features.

  4. DKDP crystal Jun 7, 2012

    Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) and Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate (DKDP or KD*P)

  5. Nd:YAG rod Jun 7, 2012

    Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG ) Crystal

  6. LBO crystal Jun 7, 2012

    Lithium Triborate ( LBO ) Crystal

  7. BBO crystal Jun 7, 2012

    Beta-Barium Borate (β-BaB2O4,BBO)