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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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SRI Hermetics Apr 22, 2010

About this company

SRI Hermetics
3950 Dow Road
United States

Tel: 321.254.4067
Fax: 321.752.9221

World Leader in hermetic connector sealing technology. The most comprehensive line of ceramic sealed connectors available today. Sub-Ds, Micro-D, and Nanos, all which can be laser welded to vacuum flanges.


Products from this company

  1. Micro-D High and Ultra High Vacuum Macor Connectors Mar 13, 2015

    Vacuum connectors made of ceramic, Macor, where PEEK connectors cannot be used or are undesirable.

  2. High and Ultra High Vacuum compatible Micro-D Feedthroughs Mar 13, 2015

    Micro-D feedthroughs that will accept an off the shelf M83513 plug on the atmosphere side and a PEEK or Macor plug on the vacuum side.

  3. Sub-C 37 and 60 pin configurations. Mar 7, 2012

    SRI Hermetics has added two more pin configurations to their Sub-C line. Now available is a 37 and 60 pin version along with vacuum and atmosphere side connectors and cables.

  4. Aluminum weldable Sub-D feedthroughs Nov 3, 2011

    Laser weldable connectors designed to be welded into aluminum flanges or plates. These are available in all pin counts 9-104 pins and the interface is per MIL-DTL-24308.

  5. High Frequency Double-Ended SMA Feedthrough Apr 13, 2011

    These high frequency RF feedthroughs can operate up to 45 GHz. They are available in a weldable configuration or vacuum flange mounted.

  6. Vacuum Sub-C 9 and 23 pin feedthroughs Jan 13, 2011

    SRI Hermetics, Inc. announces the release of their laser weldable hermetic double-ended 9 and 23 pin sub-C where space is a concern and a traditional 9 pin sub-D will not fit.

  7. Vacuum Double-Ended Triax Connectors Jan 11, 2011

    SRI Hermetics offers a hermetic stainless steel weldable grounded and floating shield versions of a triaxial connector.

  8. Vacuum USB 2.0 Feedthrough Jul 22, 2010

    Double-ended configuration that conforms to USB revision 2.0 series A receptacle. Available in weldable and flange mounted versions. Vacuum compatible USB cable also available.

  9. Vacuum Flange Assemblies Jun 4, 2010

    SRI Hermetics offers a complete line of vacuum flanges with integrated connectors. Miro-Ds, D-subs, and nanos to name a few. All on common vacuum flanges to the industry.