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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Company details

Babcock Noell GmbH May 7, 2009

About this company

Babcock Noell GmbH
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 20

Tel: +49 931 903 0
Fax: + 49 931 903 6000

Babcock Noell is active in the product areas of nuclear service, nuclear technology, magnet technology and environmental technology throughout the world. With 300 employees our spectrum extends from the planning, supply to operating of plants.


Products from this company

  1. Magnets for Accelerators Apr 24, 2009

    To find out what the basis of matter and the whole world is, more powerful and efficient accelerators are necessary.

  2. Magnets for Fusion Apr 24, 2009

    In fusion research, the use of superconductors and corresponding technologies require innovative procedures and development.

  3. Potential Breaks Apr 24, 2009

    Potential breaks are established for electrical separation of high pressure cooling channels for liquid Helium. The function is mainly required for superconducting magnets in nuclear fusion research.

  4. Insertion Devices Undulators Apr 22, 2009

    Synchrotron radiation with extremely high brilliance is emitted by wiggler and undulator magnets, so called -insertion devices-.