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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Company details

Oplink Communications Inc. Apr 14, 2009

About this company

Oplink Communications Inc.
46335 Landing Pkwy
United States

Tel: 510-933-7200

Oplink (NASDAQ:OPLK) is a leading provider of fiber optics components, modules, subsystems and custom Solution.


Products from this company

  1. Oplink Transceivers Feb 12, 2009

    Oplink offers an extensive portfolio of transceiver options to support metro, enterprise, passive optical network (PON) and storage applications.

  2. Oplink Coupling/Splitting Feb 12, 2009

    Oplink provides a wide range of optical coupling/splitting components based on thin-film filter, planar-waveguide, and fused Biconical tapered technologies.

  3. Oplink Opto-mechanical switch Feb 12, 2009

    Oplink's opto-mechanical switches offer industry-leading performance with Telcordia compliant reliability. The switch family provides many options.

  4. Oplink Transmitters & Receivers Feb 12, 2009

    Oplink's transmitter and receiver product families address the SONET/SDH markets for OC-1 through OC-48 SONET/SDH applications. The pigtailed devices come with a variety of connector options.

  5. Oplink RGB Laser Module Feb 12, 2009

    The FCLM TM Laser Module is a temperature stabilized semiconductor laser coupled with single mode fiber. It features very low M 2 value Gaussian beam output with excellent beam pointing stability.

  6. Oplink Optical Circulator Feb 12, 2009

    Optical circulators are used to build WDM/OADM, bi-directional transport systems, dynamic gain equalizers (DGE) and dispersion compensation modules (DCM).

  7. Oplink Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Raman Amplifier Feb 12, 2009

    The optical amplifier is a major enabler in the development of worldwide fiber-optic networks. Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) and Raman amplifiers are two key optical amplification techniques.