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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Company details

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation Nov 18, 2008

About this company

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
2955 Kerner Bl
San Rafael
United States

Tel: 800 234-7858

Our products range from pulse generators and digital delay generators to specialized handheld instruments and portal monitors capable of radiation detection.


Products from this company

  1. Berkeley Nucleonics Model PB-5 Pulse Generator Nov 26, 2015


  2. LaBr - New Medium-Resolution RIID (Radioactive Isotope Identification Device) Nov 26, 2015

    lanthanum bromide, a higher resolution scintillator material, for gamma radiation identification.

  3. New Class of High-Power Portable Benchtop Microwave/RF Signal Source Oct 2, 2015

    Berkeley Nucleonics, commercially releases a high performance, robust, and extremely cost effective high power Microwave / RF signal generator.

  4. Spectroscopic Area Monitoring w/ Isotope Identification & Email / Text Messaging Mar 10, 2009

    Remote monitoring of radiation levels, with isotopic identification of radionuclides, is accomplished with the Berkeley Nucleonics Model 1035 areaSAM.

  5. areaSAM 1035 Nov 18, 2008

    Berkeley Nucleonics, (BNC, San Rafael, CA), provides complete radiation detection and isotope identification OEM package to Building Protection Systems, Inc.

  6. SAM 940 Revealer Oct 9, 2008

    940 comes standard with a 1.5" x 1.5" lanthanum bromide detector (LaBr ) and the QCC™ statistical enhancement transform giving background subtraction in real time the highest degree of sensitivity.