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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Lambert Instruments May 26, 2015

About this company

Lambert Instruments
Leonard Springerlaan 19

Tel: +31-50-5018461
Fax: +31-50-5010034

Lambert Instruments specializes in (gated) intensified high-speed cameras and high-speed camera attachment; such as combustion processes (flames and turbines), dynamic phenomena in living cells that emit fluorescence. Image intensifiers, ICCD cameras


Products from this company

  1. Intensify Your Camera Jul 23, 2014

    Lambert Instruments can upgrade your current camera with an image intensifier, increasing its light sensitivity to boost low-light performance.

  2. TRiCATT: image intensifier camera attachment Jun 26, 2014

    Detection of images at light levels of 10E-5 lux. Optional Gating. Spectral sensitivity from 170 nm to 900 nm

  3. HiCATT: High-Speed Image Intensifier Camera Attachment Jun 26, 2014

    The High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment (HiCATT) is designed for use with a high-speed camera. It increases the light sensitivity of a high-speed camera at frame rates up to 200000 fps.

  4. HiCAM May 9, 2014

    - 100.000 fps max. recording rate - Single photon detection - Min. exposure 40 ns, optionally 3 ns